You see two people & you think, "they belong together."

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Prompt! SQ Ficlet - Secret Vice

Prompt: SQ prompt that I hope you like!: Despite Regina’s vocal distaste for Emma’s red leather jacket, she catches Regina snuggling with it when she comes back home to the mansion at an unexpected time. Emma proceeds to playfully tease Regina about it. Thanks!
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“Miss Swan!”

Emma choked on the soda she was chugging when she heard her girlfriend scream her formal ‘you’re in trouble’ name. Wasting no time, she quickly set the drink down on the provided coaster and sprinted from the living room only to freeze in her tracks when she observed the stormy brown eyes that were glaring her way.

“How many times do I have to remind you to hang up this red piece of filth?” Regina questioned as Emma’s leather jacket dangled precariously from outstretched fingers.

The savior rolled her eyes as she snatched her favorite jacket from the brunette before she obediently hung it up in the hall closet.

“If I catch that horrid excuse for a coat thrown over the banister one more time, I won’t hesitate to toss it into the fireplace,” Regina threatened. “I might even be deemed a hero for ridding the world of its existence.”

Emma cocked her head at the other woman before she narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Why do you hate my jacket so much?”

The mayor raised her chin defiantly as she crossed her arms and huffed, “It’s obnoxious to look at and displeasing to the eye.”

“So you’re saying its ugly?”


“I’ll make sure I hang it up from now on,” Emma declared before she fished out her ringing cell phone from her back pocket. “Hello? You’re kidding me…fine, I’ll be right there.”

“Duty calls?” Regina asked with a slight frown.

“Yeah, apparently there’s a group of disorderly men refusing to leave The Rabbit Hole,” Emma explained as she retrieved her sheriff’s jacket from the closet and slipped it on. “I’m sorry, I’ll try to be home by midnight.”

The savior leaned over and gave the mayor a quick peck to the lips before she grabbed her keys and left the mansion.

Regina sighed heavily before she moved to the living room and cleaned up Emma’s mess. Henry was at his grandparents for the weekend and Emma would probably be gone all night, especially if the drunkards turned out to be the usual group of misbehaved dwarfs that seemed to be the only hell raisers in the otherwise quiet town.

Looking around the desolate house, she couldn’t quite shake the feeling of loneliness that settled deep within her, a feeling that she was never truly able to get over, even though Henry and Emma now lived with her. Feeding in to her current vice to deal with the isolation whenever she was home alone, she opened the hall closet and pulled out the crimson jacket that she had shunned only moments ago. Holding it under her nose, she inhaled the intoxicating aroma of leather and the faint scent of Emma that it held until she felt a sense of comfort wash over her. Sliding her arms into the sleeves, she checked the clock and saw that she had about two hours before she had to return the borrowed item to the closet so she wouldn’t get caught.

Entering the study, Regina grabbed her favorite book before she settled on the couch. Tucking her feet underneath her, she pulled the jacket tighter around her body before she flipped open the book and started reading. She had barely finished a chapter when the front door clicked open and slammed shut.

“Regina! I’m home,” Emma sang out as she climbed the few steps and headed for the partially opened study room door. “Are you in…oh.”

The brunette started to blush a deep red that almost matched the jacket she was swaddled in as she realized she was caught in a precarious situation. She watched as the sheriff leaned against the door frame with an amused grin before she raised a questioning eyebrow.  

“So…what is my horrid excuse for a coat doing wrapped around your body?”

“I was cold and this was the first item I happened to grab from the closet,” the mayor offered in a steady tone.

“Cold? Regina, it’s hot as hell in here, especially with the fireplace going,” Emma pointed out as she pushed off from the frame and sauntered over to stand before the seated woman. “You wanna know what I think? I think you secretly like my jacket and you put it on because you didn’t think I would be home until much later.”

“Why are you home? You just left a half hour ago,” Regina asked in hopes of changing the subject.

Emma reached down and grabbed the book from the other woman’s grip before she tossed it to the other side of the sofa.

“False alarm; the men went home before we got there,” the savior stated before she leaned down and effectively trapped the brunette against the couch. “Tell me Madame Mayor, why you are wearing my so-called ugly jacket?”

“I, I told you I was cold,” Regina stammered as her heart quickened in pace at the blonde’s proximity.

“Liar,” Emma accused before she grazed her teeth along the mayor’s throat. “Try again.”

Regina’s breath hitched before she muttered, “I was going to toss it in the fire, but I heard you come home so I quickly donned it to keep you from suspecting anything.”

The savior slammed her lips against the mayor’s in a bruising kiss before she nipped Regina’s lower lip and drew blood. “Another lie. Last chance.”

A pleased shudder ran through the dark-haired woman at the passionate pain she was currently experiencing before she finally confessed, “The jacket helps to remind me that I’m not alone anymore.”

Emma pulled back slightly in astonishment, not expecting such an honest answer. Russet eyes gazed openly at her and something stirred at the thought that her leather jacket gave the rigid mayor a sense of comfort.

“Why the red one?” the sheriff inquired.

“It holds the strongest scent of you, but I’m afraid it’s starting to smell like me from wearing it so much.”

The blonde flashed a mischievous smile before she stepped back from the couch and yanked her shirt off over her head, quickly followed by her bra.

“What the hell are you doing?” Regina questioned with wide eyes.

“Well,” Emma started as she gently disrobed the jacket from the brunette. “I have to replenish the scent that you sucked away.”

Slipping the familiar leather over her shoulders, the blonde shivered at the feel of the jacket making contact with her bare skin. She observed Regina’s eyes turn black with desire before she abruptly stood up, clenching her fingers tightly around the lapels of the red leather before she yanked the blonde flush against her.

“Just for the record, I still loath this jacket,” the brunette indicated in a husky voice.

“It’ll be our little secret,” Emma murmured before she captured the mayor’s lips with her own.

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