You see two people & you think, "they belong together."

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Prompt! SQ Ficlet - Magic Lesson

Prompt: How about a comedic fic? Regina teaching Emma magic on The Jolly Roger. Snow refuses to leave them alone so everybody watches the first lesson. Snow keeps making unhelpful suggestions, Charming threatens Regina about hurting his little girl, Hook and Rumpel entertain themselves by making suggestive and snide remarks. (via anon)

Blood vessels started to pop in the blue-green eyes of the savior as she concentrated her gaze upon her upturned palm. Magic wasn’t coming to her as easy as she had hoped it would and the longer it took for it to cooperate, the more ticked off a certain brunette became. Of course, the surrounding people probably had more to do with that than Emma herself.

“Focus, Miss Swan,” Regina snarled impatiently.

“Take a deep breath, honey and relax. You’re going to give yourself a headache,” Snow stated in concern as she watched over the magic lesson.

“A headache will be the least of her worries when she accidentally defecates herself from all that straining,” Hook mused, earning a chuckle from the smaller man beside him.

“That means shit, dearie, in case your vocabulary didn’t comprehend what he said,” Gold added before the two men burst out laughing.

Anger flared up inside the blonde at the immature morons she had to put up with for almost a month within the confines of a pirate ship. She was about to scream at them when a ball of fire suddenly appeared above her hand, dancing precariously close to her skin, but not causing any burns. Her anger immediately dissipated and she flashed Regina a triumphant smile before she extinguished it. The two women shared an intense gaze until Mary Margaret started to clap beside her and cheer. Emerald orbs turned away and the savior’s shoulders slumped in embarrassment as she remembered they had an audience.

“What’s next?” Emma asked in a small voice as she kept her eyes glued to the ground.

Regina glanced around at the idiots decorating the deck before she slid her eyes over to Emma. She had no clue how she ended up starting a relationship with the savior in their time aboard the ship, but it happened, and now all she desired was time alone with the blonde to teach her how to hone her gift, but instead they were on display as if this was a children’s magic show. 

Realizing Emma was still waiting for an answer, Regina sighed before she said, “Teleportation.”

“No! No way in hell you’re teaching my little girl how to teleport. It’s too dangerous,” David lectured as he invaded the former queen’s space.

Regina chuckled. “Little girl? My dear charming, Emma is anything but a little girl.”

The sheriff blushed furiously at the mayor’s indication and she wished more than anything that she could teleport right then and there. So far no one had figured out that the two women were having a secret rendezvous, but she was starting to suspect that the pirate and the imp were on to them. Yes, teleporting would definitely come in handy.

“Back off David, I’m learning how to teleport,” the savior suddenly snapped as she pushed him off to the sidelines to rejoin her mother.

Regina pursed her lips before she indicated, “I’ll need to touch you for this until you learn how to accomplish it alone.”

Emma licked her dry lips before she nodded in understanding. Stepping up into the sheriff’s personal space, Regina took Emma’s hands into her own and interlaced their fingers. They fought to keep the smile off their faces at the intimacy of the contact before Regina cleared her throat.

“Remember, magic is emotion. Think of someplace you want to be, preferably on this ship so we don’t end up in the sea,” Regina instructed.

“Think happy thoughts, sweetie!” Snow interrupted.

“Mom,” Emma whined. “Stop interrupting.”

Hook and Gold mimicked Regina and Emma’s stance before they swung their arms like shy school children.

“Oh Regina, you make me think such happy things; like puppies and rainbows!” Hook mocked in a high-pitched voice. “Our magic will paint the way!”

“Don’t you two idiots have something better to do,” Regina growled as she glared at the two snickering men. “Honestly, you’re behaving like a couple of preschoolers.”

“It must be the weeks upon the water that are catching up to me,” Rumple offered with a rueful smile. “I believe I may have lost a bit of my sanity.”

“No, Rumplestiltskin, that’s love you’re feeling! Truuuue love,” Hook responded to the shorter man in a squeaky voice.

“That’s it!” Emma roared before a fireball easily flared to life in her hand. Without thought, she chucked it at the two men and watched as they dove out of its path when it whizzed past their heads before it went over the vessel’s side and into the ocean.

“Feisty little thing, isn’t she?” Hook murmured in amusement as he straightened up.

“That’s what you get for making crude jokes about her queen,” Gold remarked with a grin.  

The savior ignored them as she snapped her attention back to the mayor and growled, “Let’s continue.”

“Maybe you two should take a break?” David suggested.

“We just started fifteen minutes ago,” Regina quipped in anger. “Maybe you and your wife should take a break.”

“No, we’re good,” the pixie-haired brunette indicated before she glanced at her daughter. “Emma, you should walk to where you want to go and count how many steps it is, so when you teleport there, you’ll land at the place you wanted to.”

Emma wrinkled her brow in confusion. “That makes no sense. There are no steps in teleporting. I think of a place and I’m there; that’s it.”

“I bet I know what magical place the princess is wishing she was at right now,” Hook jibed before he flashed his eyebrows suggestively.

“You’re a pig Hook, you know that?!” Emma shouted as her hands curled into fists.

Tired of the constant charades, Regina made a bold move and placed her hands on Emma’s waist, forcing the blonde to focus on her.

“Oh, magical destiny almost reached,” Hook stated behind them. “Just a little further south, love.”

“Regina, you’re too close to my daughter,” David growled. “Step back.”

“Ignore them,” the mayor murmured as their eyes locked in a heated gaze. “Focus on me, only me. Block out everything else around us.”

“Okay,” Emma said as she kept her eyes locked on chocolate orbs.

 “Do you know where you want to go?”


“Do you know what emotion to focus on?”


“Good,” Regina purred as everyone behind them seemed to fade into the background. “Get on with it then.”

Grabbing the brunette’s face, Emma slammed her lips upon Regina’s, kissing her with all she had. She didn’t hear the gasps of disbelief from her parent’s beside her or the chortle from the men behind them. All she heard was the throaty moan from the dark-haired woman before her and in a swirl of magical smoke, they thankfully vanished from the insanity of their shipmates to a more secluded room below deck.

"Very good, Emma," Regina purred as she waved her hand at the door and sealed them in. “Now how about you head to that magical place, princess."

The savior chuckled before she slid to her knees and hiked Regina’s skirt up. “As you wish, my queen.”

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